MTX Audio T812-44 T8000 Series Subwoofer


Hello guys and welcome to my blog. Hope you guys are doing well. I am also fine and doing well. Well my past blog was a review of pioneer subwoofer. Today i will give a blog on MTX subwoofer. In this blog you will know about MTX subs and their features. So lets start.



MTX is a part of Mitek consumer electronics group. But at first it was a radio mechanics shop and it was called metrics. After some times Loyd Ivey, The owner of american acoustic MTX Audio T812-44 T8000 Series Subwoofer lab bought this and named MTX under his parent company Mitek. After that it started manufacturing audio products in a short amount of faculties. After some times it got  a great customer engagement and never looked behind. Now its has its branches in maximum countries all over the world. Now it has a position in the top 5 brands list. Its has been working in the market for over 40 years within some high competitive brands and grew up their name. So obviously they are great.




Well MTX is a well known brand and their products are definitely great. Its materials are great and assures a hardness quality. Its durable and tough materials are perfect for those who likes a rocking music for a long time in their car. That’s why it will tolerate the pressure of long time for an extended play mode. Its rigid cone is the proof its able to make a deep bass and sound. Its cone is surrounded by a rubber which makes a big surface area and provides more air through it to the con which is responsible for making a more deeper and tight bass. Its bass are tight and punchy but it won’t hurt your ears. Its sound quality is also clear so it will give the same sound from any hearing level. The best thing about this subwoofer is it comes with 5 years warranty.



Its a expensive subwoofer so you need to be on a budget to have this subwoofer in your car.


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